Purrnelope’s Country Club Weekly Update: week of March 14th 2022


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~~Back to our regularly scheduled weekly news and notes~~

On Sunday 3/20/22 we co-hosted a poker night on betonline.ag with our friends at Knights of Degen and Pieland. The only way to play was to hold an Purr NFT (Cat or Kitten), Knight of Degen or Pieland so be sure to pick one up if you haven’t yet!

The KittyVault has been on an absolute tear lately, up to a 998.51 ETH floor valuation as of Friday March 18th. This is a 67.5 ETH increase week over week and a sneak peek into the future, the vote to sell the KittyVault’s $APE airdrop passed with 76.92% of voters voting YES. Next up we’ll have a vote on what to do with the ETH we sell the $APE for so get in our discord and share your ideas!

That’s all for now,

Mini Meow!



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From the desk of Purrnelope, proprietor of Purrnelope’s Country Club.