Purrnelope’s Country Club Weekly Update: week of April 18th 2022

1 min readApr 27, 2022


In December we rolled out .pcc.eth subdomains becoming the first NFT project to support a custom subdomain for our NFT holders. Forgot what .pcc.eth subdomains are all about? go here, I’ll wait: https://purrnelope.medium.com/pcc-ens-subdomains-5fd71cb90076

Using the subdomains, we can now automatically verify if your .pcc.eth matches your twitter handle and your discord username. Why do you care about all of this? Well first, the tech is really cool! Shout out to Hodl! Secondly, if you meet the above criteria (twitter, discord and .pcc.eth subdomain matching) you get a new Ambassador role!

So you’re repping your Ambassador role, what does that do for you? Well, we’re gamifying the experience so that Ambassadors can complete quests which make the users eligible for airdrops!

Quests may include:

  • Following all .pcc.eth subdomains on twitter (hint hint)
  • Liking 10 tweets sent by .pcc.eth subdomains
  • Sending a tweet with a specific hashtag

There will be more opportunities to participate so be sure to follow us on twitter and join our discord so you can be the first to know about the Ambassador purrks!

That’s all for now, mini meow!




From the desk of Purrnelope, proprietor of Purrnelope’s Country Club.